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February 23, 2009

FOUNDATION REAL ESTATE ADVISORS expands facilities for Tri-Star Medical Group

FOUNDATION REAL ESTATE ADVISORS, INC. announced Monday the successful acquisition of new premises for Tri-Star Medical, a regional physical therapy and rehabilitation clinic currently based in Costa Mesa.  The new location will be adjacent to Western Medical Center at Seventeenth Street and Tustin Avenue, which is designed to provide greater accessibility to the firm’s patients. 


The new 6,200 square foot facility boasts a highly efficient and attractive design and layout that works well for patients, physicians, and staff.  Foundation Real Estate Advisors represented Tri-Star in a lengthy search process and negotiations that yielded several options, which ultimately led to a selection based on geography, functionality, and overall economics.  Importantly, the construction required for the new facility will be minimal as much of the former premises will be re-used, saving the firm valuable time and money. 


Tri-Star Medical is a physical therapy clinic providing a comprehensive list of mobility solutions for its clients, including chiropractic, resistance, pain management, and other services located at 999 North Tustin Avenue in the city of Santa Ana under the direction of Dr. Michael Barri.

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