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Foundation Real Estate Advisors offers a total real estate solution, providing support from the beginning of a transaction to the end of the lease.

In addition to transaction management expertise we provide project management (architectural, construction, fixturization, and relocation), after-care, lease administration, and portfolio management services. By acting as an extension of our clients’ real estate department, we deliver an unmatched level of service exclusively for tenants.


Needs Analysis

A collaborative process that considers your immediate and long-term business objectives, strategies, and limitations, as related to your company’s real estate requirements.

Transaction Management

An innovative approach that facilitates the transaction process by providing actionable results, empowering strategic decision-making, while maintaining consistency for each transaction.

Project Management

A critical layer of support specifically designed to manage construction, fixturization, and relocation efforts from a tenant-centric view point.

After-Care Services

A support system for all clients that provides problem-solving resources throughout the life of the lease.

Lease Administration

A technically-robust resource that proactively tracks critical lease dates and provides online access to key real estate information, at both the property and portfolio levels.

Portfolio Management

An exclusive process that provides on-going expertise and guidance for the management of your entire real estate portfolio, both domestically and internationally.

Need Analysis

We work with our clients to develop a customized real estate strategy that is based on many facets of your business.

Foundation Real Estate Advisors believes our success comes from a thorough understanding of our clients’ needs. Experience shows that proper discovery provides the cornerstone for sound real estate decisions, but this doesn’t happen behind a desk, as collaboration with corporate and field personnel yields higher quality results.

customized real estate

Key benefits of our Needs Analysis process are outlined below

  • Understand how your company uses space to enhance efficiency.

  • Develop design standards for the flow, finish, and “feel” of the space.

  • Create a realistic projection of employee density and related challenges that pertain to workflow and spatial design.

  • Analyze employee commute patterns to provide for a geographically equitable office location.

  • Analyze growth needs to provide greater flexibility over time.

  • Consider technology requirements and constraints.

  • Identify proximity considerations for clients’ key customers and competitors.

  • Perform analyses of multiple regions to determine optimal locations

Transaction Management

Foundation Real Estate Advisors acts as your professional real estate department or as an extension of your staff. The strength and diversity of our team brings a wealth of resources to your real estate challenges.

Working as much more than a “broker”, our team proactively manages transaction details and presents actionable recommendations to empower strategic decision-making. Our standardized approach makes each transaction familiar, straight-forward, and more efficient.

an extension of your staff

Key benefits of our Transaction Management services include:

  • Analyze local market conditions and review market data and comparable transactions.

  • Interview multiple brokers to identify the appropriate professional for the transaction.

  • Consolidate information and filter out non-conforming properties, presenting client with a tailored summary that best fits the requirements.

  • Travel to local markets to participate in property tours and building selection

  • Consult with clients to identify the best candidate buildings.

  • Direct brokers to issue proposals tailored to clients’ needs.

  • Actively manage negotiations, compelling local broker to drive down rents and increase concessions.

  • Actively manage negotiations, compelling local broker to drive down rents and increase concessions.

  • Perform financial analysis and summarize results.

  • Negotiate lease comments with landlords, saving valuable time and expense.

  • Negotiate government incentives with state and local economic development offices.

  • Perform preliminary space planning as an integral part of the decision-making process.

  • Review lease document to proactively identify changes that advocate clients’ position.

Project Management

Foundation Real Estate Advisors takes the burden off your shoulders by managing the details of moving into your new space. This complex process involves architecture, construction, communications, security, and relocation – collectively known as Project Management. Foundation’s Project Management professionals work to get the best value for your tenant improvement dollars, as measured by cost control and timely completion. Our experienced team handles multiple details, allowing you to focus on your core business operations.

Taking the burden of your shoulders

Key Benefits of our Project Management services include:

  • Architectural services matched to tenants’ use of space.

  • Design coordination to bring a custom look to your project.

  • Municipal permitting to ensure government compliance.

  • Professional service integration to provide seamless transitions.

  • Document review to ensure all details are included in the project scope.

  • Bidder management and coordination to identify the right contractors for each job.

  • Bid comparison and analysis to ensure “apples-to-apples” evaluation.

  • Value engineering to drive down project costs and maximize value.

  • Regular site inspections to keep the project on schedule and built to specifications.

  • Regular construction meetings to ensure coordination of parties.

  • Detailed project documentation to provide an accurate record for future reference.

  • Preparation and management of change orders to control costs.

  • Coordination of all project vendors including furniture, security, and others.

  • Management of the move-in process to ensure a smooth move-day.

  • Communication with landlord agents to mitigate conflicts.

  • Payment request and release of contractor liens to control cost and performance.

  • Final walk-through and punch list to ensure completion of all details.

  • Professional project close-out to tie-up any loose ends.

After-Care Services

Foundation Real Estate Advisors provides comprehensive After Care Services throughout the life of the lease. Our clients have come to realize the value of professional representation in areas that extend well beyond the real estate transaction such as facilities management, accounting, disaster recovery, and others. Our professional team’s diverse blend of experience and skills provides unique insight that has proven highly valuable.

comprehensive After Care Services

Key benefits of our After Care Services include:

  • Common Area Maintenance (CAM) reconciliation review assures clients are charged according to the terms of their lease.

  • Estoppel review protects our clients’ rights during an important landlord event.

  • Rent increase reviews.

  • Expense projections for budgeting purposes.

  • Tenant conflict resolution.

  • Breach of lease mitigation to protect our clients’ rights and options.

  • Coordination with building management for mid-term construction events.

  • Management and resolution of persistent maintenance issues reference.

  • Disaster response and recovery (fire, flood, other).

  • Special event coordination.

  • Financial distress strategy development and negotiations with landlord.

  • Lease disposition services (sublease, sale).

Lease Administration

Foundation Real Estate Advisors offers technically-robust Lease Administration services providing an extra layer of support for our clients. Utilizing industry-standard systems and software, we provide easy access to key real estate information at both the property and portfolio levels. Important lease information is carefully extracted and details can be retrieved by approved members of our clients’ team, via a secure access portal. Lease Administration provides real-time access to rental structures, critical dates, options, rights, and other information – which means no more searching through files or using cumbersome spreadsheets. Foundation’s Lease Administration service greatly simplifies information retrieval and is an essential management tool.


Key benefits of our Lease Administration services include:

  • Real-time access to detailed real estate information.

  • Customizable reporting to meet our clients’ needs.

  • Email notification of critical dates so you will never miss an important lease event.

  • Regional hierarchy to control user access and reporting.

  • Data export to Excel or PDF for more robust financial analyses.

  • Document storage of all lease-related materials (lease documents, plans, construction details, and more), provides a convenient place for team members to access items.

Portfolio Management

Foundation’s real estate professionals work to proactively manage your portfolio by avoiding risks and taking advantage of opportunities. We consider market conditions and recommend efforts to optimize lease events and obligations that are aligned with your company’s strategy. This “big-picture” analysis provides valuable insight from an industry-specific level.


Key benefits of our Portfolio Management services include:

  • Recommend portfolio “loading” or “balancing” to align real estate obligations with corporate strategy.

  • Analyze markets to identify opportunities for cost savings on existing leases.

  • Explore opportunities to consolidate offices and decrease expenses.

  • Identify prospects for vendor consolidation, based on geographic or other factors.

  • Landlord analysis to identify financial instability and reduce risk.

  • Recommend strategies to reduce geographically-specific risk factors.

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