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Foundation Real Estate Advisors is a corporate real estate services firm. We specialize in providing real estate services for companies with multiple locations throughout the Western Hemisphere and Europe.


We work with our clients to drive lower occupancy costs in less time. Foundation’s clients generally achieve a 20-25% reduction in their real estate costs, which equates to tens of thousands of dollars annually. For example, a typical 10,000 square foot tenant can expect to save over $200,000 over the course of a standard lease term.


What sets us apart is our collective experience in the fields of real estate management, investment, ownership, brokerage, and operations. We know all of the issues facing tenants and landlords, which means that we also know where the problems, opportunities, and disasters lie.


What makes us unique is the fact that we represent our clients throughout the life of the lease. We don’t stop when the transaction is completed. We continue to help our clients to design, build, and occupy their new space, and we solve problems as they come up over the course of the lease, sometimes up to 5 years or longer. We don’t just handle transactions, we provide for your complete real estate needs.


You Deserve More. Higher Intelligence, Outstanding Service, Client Focus. That’s Foundation Real Estate Advisors.


A real estate transaction is one of the most complex, expensive, and highly visible events undertaken by a company. Accordingly, a successful transaction should be:

  • Fiscally sound
  • Strategically relevant
  • Defendable

A real estate advisor should enhance the process by empowering the client with information and analysis. The advisor should manage the transaction by professionally guiding and challenging the client where necessary. The advisor should be objective and unbiased at all times, keeping the client’s needs foremost in mind.


The relationship should be based on trust, confidence, and collaboration. It does not stop with the transaction, but continues throughout the real estate life-cycle. More than just brokerage, it is a business relationship that client and advisor can enjoy for many years as it is based not on the quantity of transactions, but the quality thereof.

Multi-Market Solutions

In essence, we become an outsourced real estate department, freeing up valuable resources and increasing efficiency. Whether it is a firm with 2 locations or 200, our services allow our clients to make superior decisions.


Foundation clients benefit from our multi-market services:

  • Single Point of Contact

    Stop the runaround! Foundation clients benefit from having one highly experienced person for all transactions, saving you time and frustration.

  • Free Up Your Time

    Foundation does the legwork, allowing you to focus on your business. Our custom financial analyses allow you to make defendable and informed decisions. We negotiate the lease documents for you. Our Project Management team will speed occupancy and reduce costs. Our online resources provide instant access to important tenancy details 24x7. Foundation delivers results.

  • A Trusted Advisor

    With over 115 years of collective experience, the Foundation team has the depth you can rely on in the fields of Investment, Management, Brokerage, and Tenancy. We are unrivaled in our knowledge of commercial real estate.

  • Independent Representation

    We are not required to use affiliates, which allows us to hire the best local brokers, thereby assuring unbiased representation and maximum efficiency. We continually find this invaluable when working at the local level.

  • Process Oriented Approach

    Our custom process makes multi-market transactions simple and delivers results. By following a structured approach we deliver timely information that allows you to make quality.

  • decisions more quickly

    Even the most seasoned client can benefit from working with Foundation as their multi-market coordinator. We do the legwork, analysis, review, and negotiations. Our experience, in all aspects of commercial real estate, is the perfect complement for your organization.

Tenant Representation

At Foundation Real Estate Advisors, we only represent tenants and occupiers of commercial real estate.

services that deliver value

Foundation’s specialized services deliver exceptional value to our clients in the form of:

  • Reduced Occupancy Costs

    Foundation clients typically benefit from a reduction in total rental costs of 20-25%! As real estate experts, we know where opportunities lie for savings over the term of the lease.

  • Reduced Leasehold Risk

    As expert negotiators with over 115 years of collective experience, our team will reduce financial and performance risks that are commonly associated with commercial leases, such as Default, Additional Rent, Subordination, Percentage Rent, among others.

  • Increased Flexibility

    Don’t be stuck without options! Foundation’s strategic approach will help you to build flexibility into your lease agreement to proactively address expansion, contraction, renewal, or even termination requirements.

  • Speed and Efficiency

    Time is a critical factor in negotiating a lease or sale transaction. Our custom process will ensure that your transaction goes smoothly and gets you into your new space without delays or cost overruns.

  • More Choices

    Since we are an independent firm that only represents tenants, Foundation will show you all options and help you make the best decision for your firm.

  • Continued Support

    We help solve our clients’ real estate problems whenever they arise. We assist tenants by reviewing CAM charges, negotiating disputes, and advising during times of adversity where tenants require additional expertise. Count on Foundation’s team of experts to be there throughout the life of the lease.

Why Foundation.

Foundation Real Estate Advisors helps you make the best real estate decisions with the highest levels of service.

we focus on forging relationships

As an independent firm, we are not under pressure to produce high transaction volumes. Instead, we work closely with our clients to help them make well-informed decisions that are aligned with their business goals and objectives. This takes more time than mere brokerage, but it forges a relationship of trust and confidence that extends beyond the transaction.

Foundation works exclusively for tenants, making us objective and unbiased. Our services include acquisition, renegotiation, portfolio management, advisory, and disposition of commercial real estate. We are particularly adept at multi-market transaction management, which we consider our specialty.

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