About Us

Foundation Real Estate Advisors exclusively represents tenants and occupants of commercial real estate.

We work with our clients to drive lower occupancy costs in less time. Foundation’s clients generally achieve a 20-25% reduction in their real estate costs, which equates to tens of thousands of dollars annually. For example, a typical 10,000 square foot tenant can expect to save over $200,000 over the course of a standard lease term.

Our clients hire us for two main reasons:
1. We are expert negotiators; and,
2. We only represent tenants.

What sets us apart is our collective experience in the fields of real estate management, investment, ownership, brokerage, and operations. We know all of the issues facing tenants and landlords, which means that we also know where the problems, opportunities, and disasters lie.

What makes us unique is the fact that we represent our clients throughout the life of the lease. We don’t stop when the transaction is completed. We continue to help our clients to design, build, and occupy their new space, and we solve problems as they come up over the course of the lease, sometimes up to 5 years or longer. We don’t just handle transactions, we provide for your complete real estate needs.