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Definitions and Discussion of Basic Lease Terminology

The commercial real estate transaction is full of terms and provisions that can be confusing to many. The following terms are among the most common and are encountered in nearly every lease found in today’s marketplace.

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The Renewal Game: How to win from a tenant's point of view

For many companies, the prospect of renewing a lease is a time consuming process that interferes with its ability to do business. Often, it is much easier to renew the lease in order to minimize disruption and maintain continuity of operations.

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Choosing A Commercial Real Estate Broker - Considerations for Tenants

Let’s face it, leasing space is a drag. It takes time away from your business, you don’t know where to find spaces, and getting a good deal is more of a feeling than an objective measurement.

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Understanding Rent, Lease Types, and Additional Rent

All rents are not created equally – or are they? The convention of rental rates and lease types can vary widely depending on a variety of factors, which can include the type of property being leased, the individual quoting the rate, or the property’s location.

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